Codebits NFT

I was curious about NFTs and decided to go through the process of publishing my own!

Step 1: Generate the images

The first step was to generate all of them, I created a script inspired by Hashlips generator, created all the layers with Sketch and run the script to generate the images and the metadata, and decided to host everything on Firebase Hosting.

Check out the generator repository:

Step 2: Mint the NFTs

The next step, was to figure out how to mint every single one of them (the collection contains 625 versions!). For that task, I created a Solidity contract and a small script as well to mint every single one of them using Google ZX.

Check out the contract and mint script:

Since it is a fun project, I'll be giving away all of them, so feel free to reach out on Twitter to receive your own random Codebit!

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