Passion as a Service: Projects & Entrepreneurial Ventures

Dive into a collection where craft meets passion. Discover the software projects and startups I've poured my heart into, reflecting my unwavering dedication to engineering and innovation.
  • is a setlist management tool for musicians. Built with Vue.js, Tailwind CSS, and Supabase.

  • Supagrate


    Hasura-style database migrations for Supabase. Built with Go.

  • Speakbox


    Creating technology to connect mental health clinicians with their patients efficiently.

  • Variate


    A/B/n testing tool built solely for component-based frameworks (React/Vue.js).

  • Codebits


    Codebits, the only NFT collection for 10x developers. Built to figure out what NFTs are all about.

  • Together North

    Together North

    Built during COVID to share your message of support to your fellow Canadians healthcare workers.


  • SnikPik


    URL unfurling API (inspired by Slack's unfurling feature), built as a side project.

  • Liftmap


    Liftmap helps experimentation and CRO managers scale their testing programs.