Essential Toolkit: The Software & Tools Powering My Daily Work

Get an inside look at the software and tools I use daily. From coding essentials to productivity powerhouses, discover the tech stack that fuels my passion for innovation.


  • 14” MacBook Pro, M1 Max, 64GB RAM (2021)

    I was using an Intel-based 14” MacBook Pro prior to this, but I got tired of the fans!

  • Samsung 43” Ultra-Wide

    This is my main display, basically replaces two 27" side-by-side

  • Samsung 27”

    I use this display on top of the 43" Ultra-Wide for monitoring, music & Slack

  • Apple Keyboard with Numpad

    Hands down the best keyboard out there: flat, silent and classy

  • Apple Magic Trackpad & Apple Magic Mouse

    The ergonomy on these two worked for my wrists, so I just alternate between the two

  • Herman Miller Aeron Chair - Gaming Edition

    Expensive but well worth it, ,it's like sitting in a cloud. Got the gaming edition as it was the only one with the true black color

Development tools

  • Webstorm

    I don’t care if I'm missing all of the VS Code hype, WebStorm is incredibly helpful!

  • Fleet

    When I just need to make quick edits, but still want a GUI, I use Jetbrains Fleet

  • iTerm2

    The tabs, the input broadcasting and customization is what I like about iTerm

  • Linear

    Never again will I use JIRA for task management!

Hosting / Cloud

  • Supabase

    Whip up a postgres database in minutes!

  • Firebase

    For quick hosting of simple websites, Firebase is my go to!

  • Vercel

    For simple websites and proof of concepts

  • Google Cloud Platform

    Once websites/projects grow big, time for the big guns!


  • Figma

    I have been a long time user of Sketch, but got tired of paying for the very little needs I have in design tools.


  • Raycast

    Used Alfred for years, but Raycast's UI is superior.

  • Cron

    I used the Apple Calendar app for years, but as soon as I tried Cron for the first time, I was sold!

  • Notion

    No need to introduce this one.